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Were you hurt in an accident that caused paraplegia? Mazin & Associates, PC can recover compensation for your injuries and expenses. Quadriplegia is paralysis of all four limbs, a disability that forever alters how the victim lives their life. Adjusting to the new way of life requires substantial time, money, and energy. On top of the huge medical and rehabilitation bills you are likely facing, you may not be able to return to work, preventing you from collecting income. If you were paralyzed in an accident caused by someone else, you can hold them financially accountable for your expenses.

At Mazin & Associates, PC, we work so that victims of quadriplegia receive a settlement that accounts for all of their expenses and lost money. It is our mission to provide our clients with the highest amount of compensation possible, whether that be from an at-fault party or insurance provider. Call our Toronto quadriplegia injury lawyers at (416) 625-2122 to learn more about our outstanding legal representation

Do I Need A Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer?

There are several reasons that make hiring a lawyer important after a spinal cord injury. The most important reason is for your own financial security. Often, insurance companies will hire adjusters whose job is to save the company money. This means pressuring you to accept a settlement that is far less than what you need and deserve. For many, adjusting to quadriplegia is a long-term process. This means that you may not know of all the extra costs you will be facing in the years to come. If you decide to negotiate without representation, you may accept a deal that leaves you unable to pay for all the expenses that you didn’t expect when first injured.

A lawyer familiar with spinal cord injuries, on the other hand, will be able to calculate how much your injury is going to cost you far into the future. They will also be able to put a monetary value on non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. They will then be able to use their knowledge and know-how to negotiate with the insurance adjusters and opposing lawyers to ensure you get every cent of compensation you need. While they do this hard work for you, you can sit back and focus on recovering and adjusting after your accident.

Why Choose Us?

The team at Mazin & Associates, PC has years of experience with spinal cord injury cases. Our firm’s focus is on severe injuries such as quadriplegia, so we know the relevant factors that will get you the best settlement possible. This focus also means that we are constantly working with severely injured clients just like you. We understand the pain you are going through and your worries for the future. We provide compassionate and respectful representation at this very difficult time. Our knowledge of this area of the law combined with our care for our clients has made us an extremely successful firm, having won millions for clients in the past. In fact, Gary Mazin, the founder of Mazin & Associates, PC, was voted the Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Toronto.

What is Quadriplegia?

Severe damage to the cervical spine can cause paralysis of all four limbs and the entire body below the neck. This widespread paralysis is called quadriplegia. Injuries incurred at C1, C2, or C3 (cervical nerves high up on the spine) often cause complete paralysis from the neck down. Injuries at C4 and below often leave quadriplegics able to breathe without machine assistance. How many body functions are affected depends on what level the spinal injury occurs.

Numerous medical complications may arise from quadriplegia. Most quadriplegics lose control of their chest muscles and diaphragm, thus requiring a ventilator. Secondary medical conditions caused by quadriplegia can include hyperthermia, hypothermia, postural hypotension, osteoporosis, vascular dysfunction, bladder and bowel dysfunction, and cardiovascular disease.

Because the spine is one of the most important parts of the human body, spinal cord injuries are life-changing. The paralysis, paired with other resulting medical conditions, leave those affected dealing with medical complications for the rest of their life. Through a legal action, however, victims can recover money to pay for the expenses and pain that result. A lawyer from Mazin & Associates, PC can help you recover money for:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Cost of living expenses
  • Emotional and physical therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

As long as your paralysis was caused by another person’s negligence or recklessness, we can help you recover this money. Quadriplegia is often the result of devastating accidents. Car crashes are the most common cause of quadriplegia, accounting for 37% of quadriplegia cases. Slips and falls are second, making up 30%. Sports account for 9%, and surgical accidents 4%.

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At Mazin & Associates, PC, we have the dedication, experience, and knowledge it takes to win your quadriplegia case. In line with our commitment to client satisfaction, we do not charge any fees until we win your case. Once retained, we will represent you throughout the entirety of your case and take a portion of the settlement for our services. This means that you will not pay any money out of pocket, and if you don’t win any money, you won’t owe us any money.

Call Mazin & Associates, PC today to set up a free initial consultation with our spinal cord injury lawyers. We will review the details of your case, answer any questions you may have, and discuss the legal process moving forward. Contact us at (416) 625-2122 today in order to take the first steps towards just compensation. The sooner we get started, the sooner we can fight for what you deserve.

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