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If you or a loved one have injuries as a result of the negligence of a hospital, nurse, or staff member, you may be entitled to compensation. People go to the hospital in times of need for medical assistance. The majority of the time, hospitals provide medical care in a professional and caring way, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. When a hospital employee, such as a nurse or technician, fails to provide care that is sufficient to meet the standard required by law, a patient who suffers harm might be able to recover monetary damages. An experienced Toronto hospital negligence lawyer at Mazin & Associates, PC will fight on your behalf and help guide you through this tough journey. Call us today at (416) 625-2122 to schedule a free consultation.

Why Do I Need a Hospital Negligence Lawyer?

Without the help of a lawyer, navigating through Canada’s complex health care and insurance system on your own is difficult. There are specifications as to what qualifies as hospital negligence and a high level of proof necessary to establish your claim. These difficulties are intimidating and often convince people not to seek compensation for their injuries. An experienced Ontario lawyer will not be threatened and will fight on your behalf.

Recovering physically after suffering an injury at the hands of a negligent hospital is not an easy thing. Filing a claim against the hospital, nurses, and staff responsible for your injuries is a long and complicated battle. Attempting to represent yourself while still juggling bills, medical appointments, work, and other demanding tasks will not end without a tremendous amount of stress.

Hiring a lawyer will help bring peace of mind during this trying time. A Toronto hospital negligence lawyer working tirelessly to represent your best interest is a smart move that will increase your chances of success.

Why Choose Us?

At Mazin & Associates, PC, we understand the severity of hospital negligence and strive to help our clients recover from these damaging actions. Mazin & Associates, PC is equipped with a knowledgeable team of lawyers ready to advocate for you in a hospital negligence dispute. Leave the many hassles of dealing with a lawsuit to the lawyers so that you can better focus on the healing process.

We take any financial concern out of the equation when it comes to deciding which law firm to hire. You won’t pay anything until we win your hospital negligence case. With four consultation offices across Ontario, we make it convenient to meet an experienced lawyer at Mazin & Associates, PC for a free consultation.

Our founder Gary Mazin has dedicated over 15 years to serving Toronto and all of Ontario in medical malpractice suits. Navigate Magazine named Mr. Marzin Toronto’s #1 Personal Injury Lawyer.

Call (416) 625-2122 today to schedule a meeting with a Toronto lawyer at Mazin & Associates, PC. Don’t waste another valuable moment waiting to achieve results on your own.

Types of Hospital Negligence

Hospitals are busy places with many patients, doctors, nurses, and other staff moving around at all times of the day. In such an intense and complex environment, it is easy – but not excusable – for mistakes to get made. Some of the common types of hospital negligence include:

  • Medication errors are typically caused by nurses administering an incorrect dose or drug, failing to provide the correct frequency of prescriptions, failing to use the proper method of administering the medication, and failing to administer medication correctly. Hospital pharmacists can err by failing to recognize and warn about harmful drug interactions or inappropriate prescriptions.
  • Failing to follow procedure or protocol may result in liability for the hospital. Staff including nurses, technicians, pharmacists, or anesthesia and surgical assistants are supposed to follow the standard industry protocols and procedures applicable to their professions.
  • Failing to process is a typical error made in emergency rooms by nurses assessing the severity of a patient’s condition. This error can also happen when a doctor’s orders are not correctly carried out by a nurse or other staff person.
  • Failure to communicate or monitor a patient’s condition from nurse to doctor can result in harm or a rapid deterioration of the patient’s health. Doctors cannot help patients if they are unaware of their condition. A hospital can also be liable if technicians don’t communicate diagnostic results promptly or adequately.
  • Failure to transfer in a timely way results in a delay in treatment for a patient who needs specialized medical care not provided by the hospital. Taking too long to transfer a patient may rise to the level of hospital negligence if the patient suffers harm as a result.
  • Equipment failure harms patients by failing to diagnose or slowing the diagnosis process altogether correctly. Either occurrence will result in harm to the patient.
  • Inadequate or outdated policies may lead to the spread of infection, failure to have surgical checklists or an unorganized department. A hospital that fails to update its policies to meet proper health and safety standards may be liable for hospital negligence.

If you or someone you love has suffered from these or other errors on the part of a hospital, Mazin & Associates, PC can help you recover compensation for your injuries.

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