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If you or someone you love has had a leg amputated above the knee, you have suffered an unimaginable physical and psychological loss. The Toronto amputation lawyers at Mazin & Associates, PC understand the magnitude and consequences of such a devastating injury. Medical causes like diabetes or frostbite can lead to amputations. Burns, traffic accidents, workplace accidents, and even violent crime can require a person’s leg to be removed above the knee. It is even possible for a serious attack by a dog (or another animal) to result in severe injuries.

Whatever the cause, such injuries can cause phantom limb pain, make victims susceptible to blood clots and infection, and prevent victims from doing the daily activities that bring them joy. These injuries can even cause death. Sometimes, amputations above the knee occur because someone else is at fault. Either through negligent actions, poor decision-making, or outright recklessness, one person’s actions can turn someone else’s life upside down. Our experienced team can evaluate how best to proceed depending on the reasons for your amputation and the situation involved.

Call Mazin & Associates, PC for a free case evaluation at (416) 625-2122. We will evaluate the circumstances that led to your transfemoral amputation and help develop a plan that gets you justice and well-deserved compensation. We work on a contingency-fee basis, which means that we do not collect legal fees unless you receive a financial award. We also offer free case evaluations, so you can speak to one of our lawyers risk-free.

Why Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer to Represent Me?

Personal injury lawyers can help you with many facets of your case, but the main reason to hire a lawyer is to hand over your worries to someone else. An amputation above the knee necessitates lifestyle changes that are usually unanticipated and difficult to navigate. It causes pain, emotional turmoil, and the need for accommodations. Often, this injury leads to extensive rehab and prosthesis fittings. The lost wages from missing work and stress on family members are heavy burdens to bear. Rather than worrying about a frightening and often mystifying legal process, why not allow a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer shoulder that aspect of your stress?

Experienced lawyers understand personal injury law. They regularly deal with hostile insurance companies who want nothing more than to deny you compensation. What’s more, they have the skills to make juries listen and opposing counsel fearful. They can gather evidence, craft a compelling claim, and negotiate with insurance while you focus on recovering from your amputation.

If you choose not to hire a personal injury lawyer, you are taking a big risk. Insurance companies know how to take advantage of people when they are most vulnerable. It is much more difficult to get a satisfactory settlement or jury award with punitive damages if you do not have a lawyer to fight for on your behalf.

Why You Should Choose Mazin & Associates, PC

Mazin & Associates, PC isn’t an ordinary law firm. In contrast to the compassion we show our clients, we are aggressive fighters when going up against insurance companies. We value our clients and understand that they have been through—and continue to experience—a horrible ordeal. For many of our clients, though it can’t make up for their suffering, the only justice they can get is monetary compensation. When it comes to transfemoral amputation, it is imperative that the lawyer you hire has the legal savvy to make greedy insurance companies back down.

Mazin & Associates, PC can help. Our lawyers have many years of combined legal experience handling complex litigation cases. We also have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and are members of the Advocates Society. Mazin & Associates, PC has lawyers who represent personal injury clients every day. We have handled many difficult and sometimes tragic cases involving the negligent actions of others, and through it all, we have kept our clients at the top of our priority list. This is also why we take our cases on a contingency-fee basis. When you hire us, we will cover all the upfront costs of your claim. You won’t be asked to pay anything until after we win a monetary award.

Types of Above-the-Knee Amputation Cases Our Firm Handles

Transfemoral amputations are among the most life-shattering situations our clients can face. They can cause a great deal of suffering including financial, emotional, and physical trauma that is difficult to overcome. From requiring prostheses and intensive therapy to impacting a person’s ability to work, drive, or do what they love, these injuries cause incredible pain.

Amputations can be caused in a variety of ways. Some causes of amputation for which you can often pursue a claim for compensation include:

  • Motor vehicle collisions (including watercraft)
  • Work-related injuries
  • Dog bites
  • Violent criminal acts
  • Burns
  • Medical malpractice
  • Other catastrophic injuries

Transfemoral amputations come with a variety of consequences. Some of the consequences of transfemoral amputations for which you may be able to recover compensation include:

  • Infection
  • Phantom limb pain and other physical pain
  • Bleeds and clots
  • Lost wages from time off work
  • Inability to do the same type of work
  • Emotional suffering
  • Need for physical or occupational therapy
  • Need for prosthesis
  • Difficulty with driving, movement, and usual activities of daily living
  • Stress on family and caregivers
  • Loss of life

It is hard to know who to turn to when facing such seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Mazin & Associates, PC understands that this is an incredibly difficult time. We provide compassionate and empathetic legal guidance for those suffering from transfemoral amputation.

Contact Mazin & Associates, PC Today

If you or someone you love has had an above-the-knee amputation, our skilled amputation injury lawyers are ready to handle your case. Often, our clients feel depressed and confused about what to do and how to go about getting compensated. We are here to ease your stress and be a support system after your ordeal.

At Mazin & Associates, PC, we will fight to get you compensation for your injuries. Contact us today at (416) 625-2122 or online. During your free case consultation, we will listen to your concerns and work with you to develop a solid plan that will help you reach your goals. We will strive to help you win compensation and lessen your anxiety and pain.

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