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Accident Benefits

Accident Benefits Lawyers, known as no-fault benefits lawyers, are available to help anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident. An accident benefits claim provides for medical and rehabilitation benefits, as well as income replacement, attendant care and other benefits.

Medical/Rehabilitation Benefits:

It is important that an injured individual receives the proper medical treatment following a car accident. Medical treatment includes any medical, dental, surgical, hospital, and nursing services, among many others. It also covers medications, and assistive devices such as wheelchairs, or prostheses. Rehabilitation Benefits includes social rehabilitation counselling, vocational assessments, home and workplace modifications, as well as many benefits.

If you have been designated by the insurance company as falling within the “MIG” (Minor Injury Guideline), medical and rehabilitation benefits are capped at a mere $3,500.00. Often times, this amount does not cover the most basic medical and rehabilitative treatment an injured person may require following a car accident. The team at Mazin & Associates, PC fights hard to ensure that whenever possible, we take our clients out of the MIG.

If your injuries are considered by the insurance company to be ‘catastrophic’ in nature, medical and rehabilitation benefits are capped at one million dollars. If you fall outside of the MIG but your injuries are not considered ‘catastrophic’ in nature, medical and rehabilitation benefits are capped at $50,000.00.

Income Replacement Benefits:

The Accident Benefits Guidelines provide that an injured individual is entitled to an income replacement benefit, calculated at 70% of gross income earned from employment, up to a maximum of $400.00 per week. To be eligible for this benefit, you must suffer a substantial inability to perform the essential tasks of your employment. It is important to know that if you were not employed at the time of the motor vehicle accident, but worked for at least 26 of the 52 weeks before the accident, or were receiving benefits under the Employment Insurance Act at the time of the accident, you may be entitled to income replace benefits.

If you were employed or self-employed at the time of the accident, receiving income replacement benefits will require providing the insurance company with additional financial documentation.

Attendant Care Benefits:

You may be entitled to Attendant Care Benefits if you require assistance with your everyday living activities following a motor vehicle accident. If, after a car accident, you sustain injuries that limit your mobility and prevent you from being able to bathe, dress, perform personal hygiene and things of the like, you may be entitled to Attendant Care Benefits. For those individuals who have been designated catastrophically impaired, you can receive up to $6,000.00 per month in Attendant Care. An individual who did not sustain a catastrophic impairment may receive up to $3,000.00 per month.

You may also be entitled to other benefits such as Non-Earner Benefits, or Caregiver Benefits following a motor vehicle accident. Below is the link to the Statutory Accidents Benefits Schedule, which outlines in greater detail the accident benefits to which you may be entitled following a car accident.


The lawyers at Mazin & Associates, PC concentrate on personal injury law and accident benefits. We will assist you with all the paperwork to ensure that you receive as many accident benefits as possible.

We will advocate on your behalf to maximize all of the available accident benefits. Contact Mazin & Associates, PC and schedule your FREE CONSULTATION. You pay no fees until your case is won or settled.

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